Broken Isles [RP, 18+, custom lore]

Broken Isles is a committed, newcomer friendly roleplay server, focused on delivering an in-depth and authentic experience with custom build lore for everything from the map the players inhabit, the world and races around it and even the religion the inhabitants of the new world follow. Built from the ground up by a community of experienced admins, content creators and roleplayers, Broken Isles aims to offer a roleplaying experience that truly resonates with players; a place where those who value character depth, consequence and community-building will find a home.

We build the story and develop the world together at Broken Isles. Join a home that puts Community first. We know you will fit perfectly into the world and discover its dangerous secrets!

Doom came upon old Elyria.

Elyria: Nestled into the Isle of Elyrion. The once-mighty foothold a great and glorious empire, now home to little more than ruined shells of fortresses and cities that once invoked fear and foreboding into all that looked upon their facade. Giants had once ruled these lands with an iron fist and a brimstone whip, enslaving many and more with ancient and terrible magic. Their treasuries were filled to the brim, their weapons were unrivalled, and their greed was unrelenting. But as unrelenting was their downfall. Now, nothing but a shadow of it’s former self, the Island of Elyrion has reappeared on the horizon and expeditions send by the different factions to settle this new land. Will you be part of the second expedition and restore the once legendary Kingdom under your rulership, be the downfall of another one claiming himself as King or will you try to make a simple home for yourself on the island and begin a new life?

What we offer:

◉ A custom made lore for both the map as well as the greater world it finds itself in.
◉ A player-driven economy
◉ A realistic, custom-made profession system that drives the player economy
◉ Server narrative directly guided by the players
◉ Realistic re-balancing of attributes, weapons, armors, thralls, pets
◉ Friendly community spanning both NA and EU time zones
◉ A focus on roleplay first, consequence, and player interdependence
◉ Custom dungeons and quests
◉ Low cost crafting
◉ Caravan network
◉ Custom races and classes
◉ Complete customization through racial kits
◉ No application process, pick up and play

Server Information:

◉ Server Type: PC / 18+ RP PVP / High fantasy / NA location with balanced EU-NA player base
◉ Map: Exiled Lands, Isle of Tir-Na-Nog
◉ Key settings: No drop on death / No purge / No avatars / Chars start at 60