Broken Legendary

I was excited to finally make my first Legendary (delved recipie) bow in Siptah… only to feel like crying at the end result.

Bonesplitter Bow: supposed to have at least 5 more base damage than my next high grade craftable items with 1% extra armour pen.

Turns out it can’t take any sort of weapon mod from tinkerer and has an eye wateringly low 14 durability… yes 14!! Vs almost 1000 from the lower grade bow. It also weighs more lol.

So in a nutshell, spent 31 Eldarium bars on a weapon that; does less damage, weighs more and breaks after firing 4 shots. GG :frowning: :joy:


well its fail is legendary! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Use it on your thrall, no durability loss. And no issues with weight either.


Good shout. Thanks

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