Broken Mini-Games

Funcom, after last patch, every mini game is crashing a few minutes into it, lost connection to serve.r please fix.

Yes, fix it now.

Ok FC, you play a bit, now time to use a backup of old patch.

People should relax, if Funcom have done something in the code to better Mini games give them a chance to fix it, might be worth the wait, Not like anyone is missing out on quality minis right now anyway :wink:

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maybe they broke minis so bad they have to rebuild it and add buddy signups :joy:

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Delete them all! mini rauß!

Minigames are broken? So do some bk’s, it’s 24vs24 now :slight_smile: Probably some interesting guild fights in the future?

BTW, how about to give an option for minigames 3vs3?