Brutal Hardcore PvP Settings

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Let’s Kautsch - Schlangenfalle - Start: 1.3.19

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  • Serverlanguage: German , English
  • Griefing is not allowed (camping bases or player corpses)
  • give “normal” names to your Conan Exiles charakter
  • any kind of racism is no allowed
  • spamming, advertising or any kind of offensive language is also forbidden
  • be nice, play fair! Do not attack weaker players
  • players with rank 60 may only attack players with rank 60


  • build beatiful bases, no cubes
  • 2 bases per clan are allowed (Main base / side base)
  • its not allowed to build on main routes or passages. Lore, receipes, high level chests and any points of interest must be reachable for everyone
  • your base has to be reachable for raiding. It is not allowed to build a base on a safe spot (=no way to reach/raid the base)
  • no mainbase in the vulcano
  • Claiming Land or blocking spawns from resources is not allowed. Remove your unused campfires
  • only one “Map Room / Port Room” per clan
  • only one “Safe / Vault” per clan
  • on violation the gods will come, and they have no mercy

=[ P VP ]=

  • you can kill and loot others at any time
  • bashing newbies or camping corpses is not allowed


Check settings ingame

  • only destroy what you have to in order to enter the base you are raiding
  • clan bashing during RAID is not allowed - neither for the attacking, nor the defending party (for example 2 Clans vs 1 Clan and vice versa)
  • during raid is not allowed to repair oder replace damaged/destroyed structures
  • just Loot what you need and you can carry. Don’t loot & drop the stuff
  • all containers/crafting Stations are open
  • its not allowed to destroy them when raiding, except locked chests
  • its also a ban able reason if you destroy raid-loot from the defenders on purpose just to empty all chests/containers


  • if you manage to get inside a base, it is allowed to loot from chests,
    crafting stations at any time (i.e. if someone let the door open or the way of building makes it happen)
  • keep in mind that destroying the loot on prupose just to empty all chests and so on is not allowed


  • If you got successfully raided, you can ask for raidprotection for the Clan .
    You cant be raided within the next 4 Days with that protection

  • Where can i request it? (TS) or in our forums. ( -> Conan Exile)
    Contact an admin and tell other players on the server.

  • How long does it last?
    4 Days

  • Am I allowed to raid others during that protection?