Bubbel suppose to be a god

it is absolutly unfair that trebuchet can disable bubbel
u make noob player look like pro players this is so sad
everyone hate this now at least make bubbel easy to craft
u increase the range u add a new think called angle that make u controll shoot higher this is stupid
what the hell are u thinking on ? at least decreasd the damage or make the bubbel had HP bare or something like that if u wan’t my feedback about new trebuchet its is unbalanced for bubbel and not fear
u should think that not all of us can always connect all the day we have work we have a lot os stuff get the bubbel where is the logic god dispawn with bubbel and bubbel disactivated with trebuchet what the hell


If you had studied up you would realize that pretty much everything you’ve said in here is false

He chose the wrong words (deactivated, despawn, disable) but what he wants to say is that the new treb changes are completely unbalanced, because they don’t just make the bubble pretty much useless, they also increase the treb range a lot. So even if you’re online when somebody is trebbing you, it might still take you a long time to find the treb. While you are running around and trying to find the treb, you (obviously) can’t repair your base. If your the only one online, the only thing you can do is sitting in the base and repairing. Then it’s just a resource war. If the enemy can shoot longer than you can repair, you’re gone. If you can repair longer than they can shoot, you won the defense. But only if they don’t attack from multiple sides. Then there is no way how you can defend. This leaves small clans/solos really vulnerable.
The other thing he mentioned, is that there are many people that can’t play 5+ hours daily. The bubble was their only way to (kinda) prevent being offline wiped. Now that the bubble is pretty much useless (only protects from arrows rn), you have to be online during the whole raid time, especially now that the treb damage was increased. This can be a gamekiller for people who don’t have all these hours to spend on games.


exactly thnks

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yeah so true . sigen bullet do like 9k dmg on t3 they dont even need demon fire for it it rly cheap to wipe bases now we need feedback on this

People have said after testing that treb damage was actually nerfed, with demon fire doing even less damage than boulders for some reason

People also report treb not penetrating god bubble

Treb takes an hour to make

And I’m absolutely sure nobody with a decent base would have actually been successfully online raided by trebs yet. This is just another instance of people complaining without actually trying

My post relied on the information from Dec streams. If anything is like you stated, then it’s bugged and will most likely be fixed soon (or maybe it takes 3 weeks, also possible).

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