Buccaneer Bay no crafting on the spire?

Did they roll back the building blocker in Buccanneer bay? Went to build a platform on the spire in NW corner of O7 and the platforms just disappear from inventory without placing when I try to place them…

Didn’t want to report it as a bug if it was actually in the patch notes somewhere or had a purpose; just noticed it this week.

Anybody? @Hugo ? @Barnes

You mean the one out in the water? If so, it and the water and the entire coast there from the little shipwreck on to the big ship are no longer buildable. They are grandfathered, at least on my servers, as in the buildings already there won’t be pruned. I don’t see it in the notes either.

Shoot. That’s one of my favorite spots to build.

Yah, me too… I always put a Tiki village with little thatch huts there to make it look like the natives are revolting against the insurgent Pirates

Thank you for your reply. I wonder if it had something to do with an exploit, or if they just decided to chop up the space that they specifically made available back in 2018

Truthfully, just as a player who adores that part of the map, if you spent a lot of time around there you’ll know: the soil wasn’t quite right. In many circumstances you could get popped into the terrain, terrain and water, or both. What’s more, the only way to escape was by using the katana.

If you read between the lines, you can imagine how mesh like this might be ripe for exploit, especially if your cast blocks are disappearing. It seems the dev team might be erring on the side of integrity vs exploit. I’d keep up on it though, as they have loosened restrictions in the past – as long as they don’t violate a dungeon or other non-build ruin. :wink:

Yah, I honestly just used to build a treehouse foundation on the west side of that spire right there on the water and use it as an archer’s roost to pick off the two pirates on the 1st Island. Then from the 1st Island, pick off the corsair that’s on the next island to the west of it. Swim back to shore, run over, rinse and repeat. Was just convenient for an outpost to farm and craft with the silk for the Black Corsair garb. Can still do the circuit for the silk, just gotta truck it somewhere else to use it now

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