Buddies added to conan exilies

Conan exilies is a lonely place. Thralls are annoying. So I suggest a loyal buddy. The player can create a buddy. In offline mode you can create 9 buddies. Online it’s 1 per player. The player buddy can’t attack or be attack by players.

In offline mode 3 buddies max can follow you to explore. In offline mode the other 6 buddies can be set to do task. Like your exilies you pick what your buddy or buddies look like. Your buddy has equipment slots. Buddies also are the same level as there players. Buddies stats are same as the create character. They can learn skills too. Buddies gain stats points. Buddies also need food,water and proper armor for the weather.

Buddies respawn on death. Buddies gear and inventory don’t drop. But each death reduce the gear durability by 5%.

Buddies stats and skills can be resetted by a lotus potion. There starting stat is that of a lv 1 player.

Buddies teleport to there players when too far away and if they die.

Buddies are an optional option. You can turn to have buddies on and off. Buddies inventory can’t be filled higher than 80% of max weight limit.

In offline mode you want 6 buddies at or around your base.

Bob kills turtles and harvest their meat. Ruby cooks all meat. John cuts down trees. Sally farms rocks and repairs tools. Jane fills up water containers and gives each buddy one. These 5 buddies help each other. All eats the cook meat ruby makes. Izzy sits on throne and waits to be given food by Ruby.

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I cant stop thinking about this old commercial while reading this thread, lol

They are called thralls and you can enslave… er I mean break them on your wheel of pain, we don’t need more npc issues in the game when its already there

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Buddies ARE NOT THRALLS. Thralls don’t allow you to change their name and appearance. Buddies require food,water and proper armor.

Buddies can die the same way a player can. You need to READ my topic fully.

As it states Buddies can’t harm players. Players can’t harm buddies. One buddy per online player.

Nine Buddies are offline single player.

It also states the server can be set to not allow buddies.

Adding a buddies is a good thing. DLC is why.

Offline I could add DLC armor to all my buddies for adifferent look.

Plus a respawned ally is useful. Never alone again with your buddy.

This is what thralls are supposed to be, eventually.

Thralls requires Wheel of pain. Buddies don’t. Thralls die and its game over for them. Buddies respawn.

I think you’re going to need to take up modding if you want to see that happen. That’s pretty far off the path.


in that case fok buddies then.

We have a game with scripts where enemies can’t figure out what to do when you go up a tree and you want funcom to program AI to do complex things like go chop down trees?

I can just imagine it now, Bobby is sent out to chop down some trees, runs into a rock and gets confused as to what to do and just stands there…dumbfounded.

Say they can actually implement this, I can’t wait until your buddies who get hungry and eat every scrap of food you own and how pissed you’ll be over it. Or they get thirsty and don’t have a sealed waterskin, and go drink every purified water you have in your stove or fermentation barrel.

Really. Then how will thralls settlement system not fail? My buddy system could be a stress commands for the future settlement system. Everyone Online would have access to a buddy. Online it’s 1 per player.

Offline single player 9 buddies offers a control area. It offers a test with 9 buddies. Buddies respawn to make it easy for the devs.

Buddies don’t hurt players and players don’t hurt buddies. My idea for buddies is balance for PVE and PVP. Like the avatar system you Don’t have to use buddies for offline or a buddy for onlline.

Poor Izzy Dragonskull,Raven Silverfang,Miss Rose,Lady Buttercup,Abby Bloodlust,Skullcracker Jill and the rest.

It always lonely in the exiles alone. A few buddies could lighten the mood.

1 is the loneliness number you will ever be. Give me a few buddies for offline single player mode.

that would be pretty cool to see and to use especially single player

Cool suggestion, but I don’t see that happening. Reminds me of henchmen in the old Guild Wars. I think thralls are supposed to fill this gap but they have still a long way to get there.

But there are no buddies in Exiled Lands. Every man or woman for himself. For thralls the death is deliverance, and “buddies” are likely to backstab you. So be glad there are none :wink:

you could create your fist buddy at the start when you create your character, and you free your first buddy from the cross as Conan did for you. that would give a reason why your buddy follows you. but you would also need to give your buddy a drink from the water skin you find in the beginning.

you could also lock the gender for your first buddy ie: if you create a male character then your first buddy is locked at a female or vise versa.

then once you have built a base and have the facilities and resources you are able too get another buddy till your maxed your buddies out.

This could be tied in to a future dungeon. You know… enter a dangerous cave and end up saving a smoking hot babe from a hideously deformed monstrosity and earn the eternal respect of the person you save. Well, something along those lines anyway.