"Buff" the Armor and Weapons from the Aquilonian Culture Pack

I bought the DLC mostly because I didn’t like the look of the Kambujan Shaman set, which is what I’m currently using. While I was quite satisfied with the look of the weapons and armor sets, their low level was just disappointing. That being said I would love to see the Aquilonian weapons and armor scaling with the other gear available in the game; for example having sets with the same armor rating as Darfari, Kambujan, Stygian, etc…

Someone has not leveled to 60 yet and looked into the improved armorers bench.
Each dlc armor is tuned to lvl 10 with an epic version at lvl 60. Though that then requires epic materials which is intended.

Yeah, I know that. Just wish there were more sets, level 10 or 60 is very limited.

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