Buffer Overflow and Lag out

Okay guys I read a thread from almost 2 years ago about this issue. Is this game still a “supported game” or am I just wasting my time and money trying to play it? I’ve already spent almost $200 changing around slots and servers trying to optimize my connection to the game and limiting my lag outs and drops. Let me know is this issue getting better or after almost 2 years is it still a PINA and not worth my time trying to play?

Well over the last 15 hours I have read through some of the other posts on folks having issues and decided it seems to me that the modding community is bringing more content to the game than the developers. I will not be playing any more FUNCOM games because of this fact. If you have issues in a game that cause the game to completely crash and lag out and even the folks who provide servers for your game know of these issues and can paste you to the location of the reports of the “unresolved” issues it tells me that you are not committed to due diligence of your own creation. Hopefully FUNCOM learns from it’s mistakes.

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