Bug at the teleport with thrills or pets

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug ]

I write for my father he played conan exiles as a single player and he play “offline” he told me that the thrills or pets don’t teleport with him since the last two updates. What can he do to teleport this thrills or pets with him when he go to the north or to the other points on the world. He like to play the game but without help from pets or thrills he has so many problems to play the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hello @Turgron, thank you for sharing your concern, we’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into but we could always use additional information:

Is your father using old thralls or new thralls captured and placed after the last update ( the new ones can level up, the older ones cannot )?

Does it happen consistently after setting a thrall or pet on follow?

Could you specify which thralls and pets have produced this behavior?

Thank you for your answer. My father use in the singeplayer modus old and new thralls and pets. He say follow and the thrall or the pet followed since he use the tele porter, after using the teleport no pet or thralls is behind him and it’s with both new and old pets or thralls they don’t teleport with him.
When he come back to his base the thralls and pets come back and they are behind him. But they don’t teleport with him.
He like to play the game and he hope you can find the problem.

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No problem at all!

By teleporter, do you mean using the admin teleport function or the map room?

To clarify, the thralls and pets follow him normally, but when teleporting by either of the above methods, do they fail to teleport as well while they are in follow mode?

My dad had looked. He can’t teleport with thralls or pets as at the map room.
He try it now and it’s the same like new and old thralls or pets.
I’m sorry but he can’t teleport as a administrator because he dont know how to do it.

Thank you for the additional details, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into!

Regarding the admin commands and teleport, you can find more information in our wiki and in the following video as well:


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