BUG base areas deleted on load

I’ve never played and not had this problem. Originally seemed to relate to stability so adding ridiculous number of foundations and pillars worked around it. This no longer works,walls and floors keep deleting for no reason. Playing offline. Nothing in logs,no decay,no enemies in zone. Will allow exclusively foundation block to remain in the space I want to build anything else is destroyed on load. Have spent hours reloading and rebuilding in every possible way,allows placement then deletes when loaded. Strips the game of any point of playing as far as im concerned. Why pay into a game when basic game concepts fail constantly. Already ripped off with early content being removed then then readded and forced to pay for again, then still at this late stage in the game so many game breaking bugs and glitches. Its why I typically delete the game after a couple of days of playing and deeming unplayable/Pointless

Others are reporting this, can you share a picture of the location on the map and the base?


Hey there,

We’ve been aware of this issue and it’s been hard to replicate it, but we’ve managed to do so recently thanks to the collaboration of our closed beta tester group and @CodeMage
Our team is now working on a fix for this problem.
Thanks for the feedback.


Every time I have had this problem it has been because my base was a single, massive, connected piece. When I built in smaller segments that weren’t connected to each other I was able to build much more without encountering this particular problem.

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