BUG: Bows automatically fires without releasing right mouse button. (PC,Official server)

I can’t help but noticed (AND I AM REALLY REALLY HOPE this is not intentional) even if I am holding down the heavy attack button with a bow, after the animation plays (too much delay anyway… ) character just let go the arrow don’t wait for my signal…

IF it is intentional then at least make it so holding down the buttons restarts the shooting after every shot.
(almost like it where with the ctrl+rightclick prepatch) But I really hope that this is just a bug and she will hold her breath till die or till she get permission from me in the form of let go that button… :smiley:

Yes this is one thing that annoys me now with bows (the heavy attack) you have to wait for the release which is hard to judge/time with a moving target unlike before when you released the button it fired… (personally I would prefer that they change it back to the way it was before).

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I liked the old one better either.

But I would be okay with the heavy attack being slower No problem. But after a set wait time (animation) character REALLY shouldn’t release the arrow automatically.

Also did you noticed how much bows has less damage now? but headshots seems to be working now at least :smiley:

I agree that the release should not be a set time value and should be controlled by the player. The string draw back time is understandable and I’m fine with that. And yes the damage has changed and with (all weapons too may I add), where you hit now on the body differs in damage done which I don’t have a problem with and knew that it was going to be that way with the new changes they made.

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