[Bug] Can no longer join server because it thinks I'm already there

Game mode: Online | PVE Conflict
Problem: Bug
Region: Official Server 1518

Was playing on the server when I got disconnected, tried to log in and couldn’t join. I assumed it was because the server crashed and was down AGAIN.

cough cough

However, I went online to check on the server and to my delight it was fine and had plenty of people playing on it. Including me. Which I wasn’t.

Assuming this is still a problem by the time someone like a Dev sees it, my name is A Suicidal Banana and I have been “playing” on the server for 3h 3m 39s now. I’m hoping that my character is still ok and hasn’t either been killed by the local wildlife and/or hasn’t drowned in the water I was standing in and left all of my valuables out in the open for everyone to take.