Bug: Can not go to settings or start a game

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: France

Bug: Can not go to settings or start a game

The very first time, I was able to go in the settings panel but wanting to change the parameter: “windowed full screen” (as well as lower some display settings), everything froze, and since when I run the game and that I click on Settings or Solo / Co-op, or whatever, nothing happens, I can not change the display settings or start a game.

I can only stay on the main menu with: (or leave the game, that I can)

  • Play online
  • Solo / co-op
  • Settings
  • Mods
  • Barbarian Edition
  • Help
  • Credits
  • Quit

control files-integritiy on steam

I did it.

The bug disappeared by itself. Now, everything is working properly.
The game does not accept the “full screen windowed” mode. And apparently, you had to give the game time to finish what it was doing…

And my PC is probably not powerful enough, but it works.

Problem solved.

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