Bug - cannot get past guards in O' Tempura O'Mores - A Time for Every Purpose

Hi, I’ve played this game 2 years ago. I quit when there was an in-game bug for a puzzle in Golden Sands within the temple. It was a well-known bug. I couldn’t progress in the game. I re-installed the game on a new laptop. Now, I cannot get past the guards to get in the temple to continue the quest. The quest is O’Tempura O’Mores. I have put on the dead man’s clothes from the cave. The guards still attack. I still die. I didn’t have this problem last time. I’ve spent hours trying other things - nothing. I can’t bear the thought of having to start the game from beginning. Just over this. I have re-logged in multiple times. Nothing changes. I’m in the right clothes. Please can anyone help?

There is a rare bug where the guards will keep coming for you after you got caught once. Leaving the zone and re-entering will clear that up.

However, your disguise does not work on everyone. Pay attention to your surroundings. There are some guards that cannot be fooled and need to be avoided.

thank you Aeryl, I managed to do it :slight_smile:

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