Bug: Charactercopy on machine with more then one profile/savegame

Game mode: [ Select one: (Single-player)]
Type of issue: [ Select one:Bug ]
Server type: [ Select one: NA ]
Region: [ Local ]
Hardware: [ 2 XBox One X, 1 XBox Series X ]

Bug Description:

*Situation: We have 3 copies of CE and 3 Xboxes were we play. Sometimes we share those. So each of the machines has a couple of conan savegames. We bought the dlc Siptah a week ago and were starting with character copy between the maps.
Here something weired happens:
Sometimes the char is not copied, even you repeat this several times and it says it did. Sometimes it does not overwrite the char, but adds the transferred additionally. Each time you enter the map, it shows alternating either the one or the other character. When you delete the fresh made, it is fine.
Yesterday I reached the top: The char is not transferred, but a char from another profile is put in the map. This is weired and I fear now to use the character transfer, as it was intended to copy your char forth and back, but I do not know what will happen. The chars are partially more the 3 years old and handgrown! It is not planned to make them all new and use the Admin panel.

Expected Behavior:

Make a character copy on a machine with several profiles/savegames in singleplayer.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have a machine with at least 3 profiles/ local savegames
  2. Take an existing char with on Exiled land or create a fresh one and make some levels.
  3. Create a fresh one on Siptah
  4. Copy your char to Siptah
  5. Evtl. repeat this steps a few times
  6. Except weird things to happen…
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Hey @ZevLexx

Thank you for sharing your findings. We’ve made some improvements to character copy in the upcoming 2.6 update. We’ll send your feedback to the team to see if we are aware of this weirdness and fixed it, or if we need to look further into it.

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Thank you very much! This new feature is well appreciated and it is clear that it is still in Beta state. So I am looking forward to the improvements. Wish a nice weekend to you & your Team!

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