[Bug] Co-op has not functioned in months


I’m on Win7 Pro (Service Pack 1) - BattlEye is inactive (not even installed :wink: )

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I will resend past logs or send additional logs when a co-op partner is available to test this with me again. I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1). No BattlEye active or installed. (To my knowledge, others have struggled with and without it, but I’ll leave it those who can speak for themselves and confirm that.) Partner uses Windows 10. Same errors no matter who hosted, but if it’s possible to acquire new logs to show this, I will.

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Thanks. We’re adding any additional logs or information received to the original report.


I have only found past logs once sent before, but they should be sent again! It is taking time to contact someone for additional file sharing. But thank you!

Bump. For any others wishing to send logs and help solve the issue.


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