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Hello, for several months I have had the following bugs : - the sound is out of sync every time, no matter what I do (kill an NPC or animals, opening a chest …) - my animals eat more than usually - my tame rhino has disappeared from my house and other tame animals are bugging under the map below my house (I can hear them swimming below the map from my house - the scenery is struggling to load and when I play with a friend when we come back from an expedition the bug decor (I see trees in my house) - the game freezes for a moment when (I open a chest or workbench and inventory or map - when I plays with a friend after a while he is frozen and must restart the game - background in white background despite the correction

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Welcome to the Forum. I would assume you are playing co_op. If so your playstation is working as a server and does not have the power or memory of a actual server. When you build to large or have to many placables it can start to bug out. You could recall your pets or use ghost mode locate and drag them out. I am sure others will have more suggestions. Good luck :+1:

thank you but I play on the official server

how to use ghost mode for animals?

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Sorry you can’t use ghost mode on official server’s you need admin. If you are having this issue on official server’s You should send a report to Zendesk with as much information as you can. You can locate information for Zendesk in the introduction pages of the Forum.

OK, thanks

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