Bug: Damage does not scale despite sabertooth tiger levels

I just got a very large sabertooth tiger, level 0 and level 7 so it still has the same damage value. I did a test with a give and it’s the same thing

Level alone does absolutely nothing to a creature or NPCs stats or damage value. Its Strength stat affects the melee damage it does.

Perhaps you were just very unlucky with the rolls to raise its stats? I know I’ve got some with several levels in a row with no increase in Vitality, which is usually a sign to dismiss the critter.

sorry I explained badly. although the tiger takes levels so it does not do more damage to enemies. I tried against a crocodile and it does 23 damage level 0 or level 7. only the life points that increase

Has the tiger’s Strength score increased when it has levelled up? Maybe it has an exceptionally poor chance to raise Strength?

Every time a follower gains a level, it has a chance to increase its stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality and Grit). None of these are guaranteed to raise. So it’s entirely possible that your sabertooth still has its starting Strength score.

You can see this by holding down the Interact button to open the interaction wheel and then selecting the Information icon to see your pet’s stats, as well as the chance to raise them.

yes it goes up. but the problem is that animals in general no longer do heavy damage like before. it’s sad to see a big lvl 10 saber tooth tiger do 30 damage to a crocodile… the animals are so useless now. I don’t understand why the devs don’t separate pvp and pve stats. a creature can very well be resistant and do big damage against pve but not pvp. in reality now the last meta which consists of playing with your legendary weapon is less fun than enjoying your creature.

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