Bug: Dancer [Performer] in Camp of the Castaways

Bug: Single player, PvE, North America

Testing to see if any ‘knockout’ changes to Camp of the Castaways (since previously they were not allowed to be ‘knocked out’ and made into a thrall.

Dancer [Performer] in Camp of the Castaways can be knocked out, but she jumps back on her feat within one to one point five seconds (nearly instantaneously). After my third attempt to knock her out, I was able to attach bindings and take her to my wheel of pain for ‘processing’ (my free vocational re-training program).

So either she needs to ‘stay’ knocked out or she needs to be made to be unable to knocked out. I have tested this on several other Dancer [Performer]s as well, male and female, and they all react the same way (getting back up almost instantly).

And for those interested in what kind of Dancer [Performer] comes out when captured: mine was just a little better than an Entertainer II.
Corsair Entertainer II: 1350 health
Dancer: 1800 health
Accursed Entertainer III: 3429 health (the Accursed seem to be stronger all around than the Corsairs)

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Hey @Bodin

Thanks for the catch. Our team is now aware and they’ll look into any possible issue with this NPC.

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