BUG . dead thralls from decayed bases cant be looted. -you dont own this- message

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decayed base trhalls when they died cant be looted… there is no rewards for cleaning dead bases thralls anymore,. every time you try to loot it it says “you dont own this”

so please at least clean up the mess of flying rhralls and abandoned thralls. . thxs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This might not be such a bad thing really.

Before the thralls were locked to players/clan, we had a few instances of all the items being stolen.

A King Rhino was attacking our base, not a purge, naturally our thralls and us were fighting it. Whilst the thralls were dying, and us being preoccupied with the Rhino, other players would steal all the gear from our dead thralls.

Also, we had incidences of other players luring a large croc to our base, our thralls would fight it and die, then they would steal the dead thralls gear. Very clever tactic, but not great to come online to find your thralls all dead and naked.

All these rulesets are a fine balance.

The Devs have said they intent to rid the skies of thralls in a future patch.

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i am ok with that approach if thralls runs under a timer or something.,

flyuing tralls will get nuked yes…

what about the dead bases thralls that are sitting on the ground?

eventually they will be in the thousands. and no way to control it.

ill say they should give a motivation for players to clean up the dead bases thralls while they work on a more permanent solution.

a timer that once it reach zero , despawns or become “feral” again. (needs to be recap[tured and retamed. ) soemthing needs to be done.

Maybe the thralls should be included with the decay timer on the building?

what about the orphans that are far from their bases?

i think the timers are needed , orphan needs a short timer, while the ones at bases needs a longer timer…

making them go feral, is a much better and realistic approach than simply despawn, but i will also be ok with despawn… (not the preffered method)

skin them with a knife, and they drop loot bag?

we tried , loot bag says , YOU DO NOT OWN THIS…

we tried having a bag nest to the body before skinning in the hopes it would transfer to the other bag, but that did not work … it creates a new bag, one that cant be accessed

that’s crazy… I hope this is PVE only setting

I may have a fix for flying thralls…

Some back ground first. I wanted to move to a new location once claimed by a clan no longer on my server. They had moved on and their base decayed away.

I managed to pull a boss over and wipe out all the thralls but one flying thrall…

So I built my base anyways, and if I remember correctly I could not build under the thrall. The next day I logged on, the thrall was on the ground… but in a location outside my walls that is next to a cliff and I cannot get a boss up there…

So I think if you place a foundation or two on the ground near the thralls… they may stop flying. This is all just speculation, I will try and test this tonight… I just need to find a flying thrall…

I have been able to build steps and stuff right up to the thralls so I can lead bosses to them, I never receive land claim issue for abandoned thralls. I have heard some people build up a platform underneath the flying thralls then they demolish the pieces and the thrall falls to his death.

additional info. . . server I just went to, in the big lake up by new asgard, someone had apparently built there before…> and then dropped the game. their base dissolved, and dropped all 30+ thralls to the bottom of the lake.

where they are now treading water merrily.

can hit em to kill em.

can’t interact with em.

can’t push em to move em.

they just sit there, under the water, blocking everything .

anyone got a good thought ?

I’m guessing that they block you building underneath them. If not then build a platform under them / to them …then lead a mammoth onto them.
But if you can not build so you can lead a mammoth to them … I think all you can do now is wait until funcom implements the next update which includes the thrall feeding code and then those thralls will die of starvation.

beat them to death with your pick or hatchet underwater