BUG // DLC Pet and Small Water Well Bugs in Single Player

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug |

I want to report 2 bugs that I encountered both in single player and when running with no mods or mods do not make a difference on both.

First: The new pets added in the Savage Frontier DLC do not seem to have their preferred food list also any food placed in their inventory has no effect on their hunger timer.

Second: The Small Water Wells built in single player only work until you restart the game. After continuing a single player game with a small water well built these water wells just refuse to fill. You have to rebuild them in order for them to work again. I have tired building this water wells on both ground and Jewel of The West Pack Foundations and got the same result.

First Bug:
1.Any tamed painted animal that is placed outside the pet pen do not have any preferred food list and any food in their inventory has no effect on their inventory.
2.Picture from reddit post (New user so cannot attach pictures normally please delete the space between https:// and preview.) : https:// preview.redd.it/b2gnh270mdu11.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=bc35fa8babfcae02a0c64f0638667a30d2646cf7

Second Bug
1.Build or spawn a small water well using admin commands.
2.Well works fine.
3.Exit the game.
4.Well is dry and refuses to fill.

Same goes for big wells.
Of 4 wells placed down (wanted to take a look at wether it still works to place fish traps in a well), only one “contained” water - seemed full. The other 3 were empty.

The pet-diet not showing is an actual known bug, i think they will fix in futur.

The well bug is a strange bug. It may trigger or not.
In my actual singleplayer, wells works good, and don’t stop when i restart the game. But i had this bug previously in older saves. May be related to older save (before patch).

I have the case on my server where some wells stops, while other don’t, that’s really strange. Like the older one still are working, the new placed ones since patch stop after server-reboot.

Thanks for the reports @Oxtyt

We are aware of both issues and working on them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.

I look forward to fixes also Asteria apparently identified the cause of issue with wells.

nothing to do at all.

I have the 2 cases of wells, and inside the perimeter, and outside in the natural like said in previous post. The result is often very different.

The real difference i saw on my server, is that older wells (built before pet-patch) are still working after a restart, while new placed ones don’t.

We saw similar bugs at different occasions, items working or not between 2 patches, or after patches, and not being affected if built at an other moment.

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