Bug: elephant didn't fight back (G7 map)

bug: there was an elephant I killed with balanced iron poniard power attacks, with a dancer actively following me, the elephant did not fight back and died.
official server 1737 pve
time: about 2:05pm UTC-6
map coordinates: G | 1945 and 7 | 80104 (about the center of G7)

relogged at 2:21pm (UTC-6) and the elephant attacked.

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NPCs not responding to being attacked is a sign the server needs a restart. If you try singleplayer and well maintained multiplayer servers, you will not likely see the issue ever happen. There really isn’t any bug to be found here. Just general maintenance.

Welcome to the Forum. I think @Taemien pretty much wrapped it up. At least it was not a invisible 3 Skull.

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