BUG - Flawless armor taking your HP down

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

I am using “Flawless Khitan Captain armor” (medium) - (+9 Strength - Living next to The Black Keep) with cold protection. When i am going to Volcano, i am always switching my armor to “Flawless Aquilonian Infantry armor” (medium) - (+9 Vitality) with warm protection and EVERYTIME when you switch these armors, its taking 30% your HP with no reason and you need to heal up. I can see this problem only with these two armor sets. When its taking your HP down, there is not “Extremely cold / Frostbite” or “Extremely hot / Heartstroke” so i think, its probably just bug

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  1. Take "Flawless Khitan Captain armor (medium)
  2. Switch your armor to "Flawless Aquilonian Infantry armor (medium)
  3. Your HP are down by 30%

Edit: Khitan armor is not important. Bug is doing only Aquilonian armor if you take him, your HP going down, if you wear back Khitan, your HP are back

It’s most likely not a bug. The Aquilonian armor is probably increasing your maximum HP through the +9 vitality. Your actual HP should remain the same during the switch.


This. Switching to Aquilonian medium armor gives you a nice buff for your max health. But it doesn’t add the additional life automatically. It has to be this way, because you would get healed every time you switch to a +vitality armor.


yeah thats probably true. thanks


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