Bug, floating on top of foundations and anything player build really

this is getting worse,

a large number of pieces now are suffering from it, i have to constantly log off and log on to somewhat fix the problem.

the problem? one image is worth more than a thousand words. i wonder if the “devoloper” is going to do anything about it., or it will be one of those bugs that will populate the server for like , forever. as some other bugs that they never dealt with.

I’ve been doing the go into server and then drop back to Main and back in and no floatinessess. Or, drop a bedroll away from base and leave the game from there. No floating then on starting the game. This issue’s been around for a long time on Exiled Lands and Siptah (certainly after the big update start of 2020). I am guessing it’s related to the base spawning in process. Jumping out of game to server menu and immediately back in always fixes for me. The second time is a lot faster than the first time. I have an older graphics card. Maybe that’s a thing too?

It’s poor coding.

Don’t make excuses for this.

All they have to do is change the loading priorities while lowering the graphics when starting up to low basic then ramp up to the users settings once objects loaded in and then give a couple seconds of a buffer before the loading screen ends and your visuals come in.