[bug] Follower won't attack, draws weapon then holsters, over and over

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

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  1. The bug doesn’t seem to have a regular pattern. Potentially created when follower teleports to player.
  2. Send follower to attack, have follower defend player or have follower attack all enemies.
  3. Follower either draws weapon, then holdesters it again. ( Process is repeated ) Or, follower runs all the way up to an enemy, then holsters weapon again.

Sometimes follower starts working just fine again, but most of the time a lot of activities have to be abandoned.


  • Removing clothing pieces, one or more and putting them back on. No avail
  • Removing weapons from follower, and putting them back on.
  • Swapping between the various modes, such as guard me and attack all enemies.
  • Swapping between stop following and follow.
  • Running far away, making follower teleport to player again.
  • Changing attack and chase distances.
  • Told follower to stop.
  • Enter and then exit dungeon, vice versa.
  • Spamming attack this target (Did work once, but spamming doesn’t really work as it randomly picks return or stop actions instead every once in a while, even if not holding e down)
  • Swapping between two handed and one handed weapons.
  • Told follower to move to enemy before asking them to attack.
  • Allowing enemy to knock follower over.
  • Fed follower a random food item.
  • Moved follower gear weapon around to different inventory spaces.
  • Mounted and dismounted, player mounted or not has no effect on behavior.

Not tried:

  • Relogging.
  • Set to guard mode.
  • Format c:

I tid a small test, and I am not sure if it is the actual reason behind this happening or not. But it seems that if the follower wants to attack something and then you move too far away and he doesn’t get to kill them. The location where the follower decided to attack at, is where he has to go back to and kill what he was originally wanting to fight. I assume the chase distance is from the encounter location, rather than from the player. Thus, when a fight occurs and the player runs away without letting the follower fight the encounter location is out of reach and the follower will refuse to fight. THeory though. Not sure

  • Further update: After going back and finishing the encounter the follower had no problems entering a new fight.
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(PS4) I set the toon to attack all enemies. It worked for me. Putting it back on Guard Me made it return to drawing weapon and holstering it again (animation).


There is a preexisting thread discussing this. I recommend you sharing your feedback there.