BUG: Frozen North Inaccessible

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: East

A triangle area of the frozen north is no longer accessible. It is blocked by a long invisible wall, where your character teleports back from it upon making contact. Anything inside of the area seems to still exist, but can’t be reached—and any beds/bedrolls within the area cannot be spawned at. If you attempt to spawn in one of the beds or bedrolls in that area, after the death countdown it will say “Build a bed to save your respawn location” and spawn you in the desert.

This bug appeared after the new patch.

The area covered is a triangle in the top left corner of the map, from the line between 11 and 12 (on A) going all the way to the line between B and C (on 14).

I’d include an image, but new users can’t include images in posts! Great idea on your bug forums, guys. Type out this instead:

i [dot] imgur [dot] com/fNhNwsX.png

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Walk to the outline area outlined in red, or attempt to spawn in a bed/bedroll within the area
  2. Bound against an invisible wall!
  3. That’s it
  4. That’s still it.

Doh, i remember reporting this bug during testlive…


Well good news is, they have 6 days to patch it before everyone’s northern base disappears!

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I’m also having this bug and others on the server (Official 1972) have confirmed same issue.

My base is completely cut off.

Edit: I’ve logged into single player and the invisible wall doesn’t exsist.
Logging back into the official server wall is still present.


Same for my clan, inaccessible base in the north. #1115

Where is the hotfix? Where is the support team?

All we have is in the north, that would be the end of this game if they cannot fix this.

Extremely disappointed.


+1 for hotfix

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Server 1940 PVE-C , similar area inaccessible for some with bases, I am unable to access nodes and a mammoth spawn.



I believe I figured out where this “Invisible wall” is coming from. The Midnight Grove dungeon map overlaps the main map along this area. It is not part of the Midnight Grove map that people have access to, but it is there when you “Ghost” through and outside of the dungeon. Hope this helps.


The area goes a little more south than your image through an area where there are goats and a lot of iron nodes as well.

I feel like this needs to be better explained.
If you enter into the Midnight Grove and then (with admin) Ghost up and east from the center you fill find yourself on the western most region of the Exiled Lands. This puts you around the area of A-12. Now what I was able to witness is that the Midnight Grove seems to take up more space than is actually has on the map. The devs were able to adjust for this by using some sort of “Phasing”.

In this first picture, you can see on the right side where the Midnight Grove terrain is at. It overlaps the “Green Wall” and into the main map.

Now, move about 10 feet to the east and the Midnight Grove map will disappear leaving just the Exiled Lands. As shown in the second image. I tried to highlight as best I could where the Midnight Grove “Instance” is currently at on the map. It overlaps and causes some sort of Invisible Force Field to block any passage into that area.

Because of this, the Northwest and up into the Northern part of the map is no longer accessible to players. If you were to Admin Teleport up there, you will end up teleporting on top of the Invisible Field and just glitch out for a little bit. If you do make your way inside via Ghosting through it, you will not be able to move at all.

It would be nice to see this fixed. Perhaps by just moving the Midnight Grove under the map or something. Or perhaps make it a separate map. Not sure why it wasnt made that way already, but I’m not a Dev so I have no clue how any of that works.

Hope that explains what the issue is. It is effecting a lot of servers right now.


Thanks for the indepth analysis. @Jens_Erik this post could be helpful in moving it up to the dungeon team.


I’ve closed this because it was tagged and people were notified appropriately. I didn’t want others to jump in with unrelated topics because they saw Jens Erik tagged.


Thanks for the report. As you can probably imagine this wasn’t intended, so we will take care of it.