BUG - Heatstroke Hot Spot

Game mode: Online - Private PvE-C Server
Problem: Heatstroke Hot Spot south of Freya’s Hovel
Region: EU

A player on our server has found a hotspot. They have marked the spot with the beer tankard. If you enter the small zone around it, you’ll rapidly gain temperature. Also, very noticeable are the two lines high in the sky which merge at the spot. They must be a real thing in the map as they leave a shadow on the ground.

The clan also found that they are unable to build inside or very near to this spot.

Cords: 803.078 -904.245 -4452.469

Notice the lines in the sky, and the fence the players are unable to place:

Hot Spot:

Lines in the sky:

Video shows the lines and huge temperature spike as you near the point:


What popping up in my mind while reading your post was: What would the matrix looks like, if Funcom would have done it? :joy:

Wait a second, maybe they did and the matrix is real? Would explain the global warming! :astonished:

Ontopic: As far as i know they made a heatmap overlaying the actual map. Should be easy to fix it. Hopefully, maybe.


Ahh no wonder, last time I thought miss click something at the admin panel causing my character raise up the temperature to heatstroke, I think I stand exactly the same spot like you do. So that mean it real than seen like two of us had the same bug, I guess Funcom should look in to it.

i have my mainbase around there on my server, and never mentioned such lines in the sky.

Indeed, there are spot in the green north that are hoter than some spots in the desert, that’s bit strange, like the weathersystem at itself often.

But i’m curious, i’ll room around there, noze in the sky, and while my own server, i can fly up if needed to take a look. :laughing:

Looks to me like a problematic mesh, the line-tearing you show. Do you use mods on your server, i presume yes ?

Did you check this spot on a SP ? again, i never mentioned these lines in SP nor. And the north is still one of my fav places, and i’m lot around there.
Maybe also the map-installation on your server. I remember a server i played on in ARK, where we had a broken cave. Changing the game-build on the server resolved the issue.


No mods on our server, vanilla all the way.

so maybe yes, the build of the map itself, like it uploaded to your server, Errors can happen.

I’ll check next night this area again, but like said, never saw similar lines, nor had special issue there. I agree that there some spot hoter than usual in the green north, but that’s for me.

Also getting reports from these players that random thralls keep arriving at the hotspot… floating in the air just how we did when there was a bug that made us spawn here after a death.

Ironically i am starting a town around there and the only random Thrall i have seen is a naked archer along with the other heirs of the North that spawn at the fishing hut and he was walking around so i had to deal with 2 archers, 1 fighter and the cook.

Just checked it online and i don’t have it. No 3d errors nor heatstrokes. Maybe you should reset map? :wink:

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I’m doing my best to not ever need to wipe the map, least not until there is a major fix to the game mechanics or some other game renewing feature released. I have a huge community who are counting on us to NOT wipe the map, so I’m kind stuck here now. Not game breaking thankfully, lets just hope it doesn’t spread to more areas.

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I know this. Was a nasty joke on you. Will hopefully go away with some patch. Or maybe just if you reinstall server. This could be done quick. I would bet this will solve it for you.

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My crack team of hamsters and I have investigated this area and are wondering whether you have had a wipe within the last 6 months. If not, how old is this .db?

The reason I’m asking is this area used to be exploitable in terms of skybases. I’m not gonna say how, it’s water under the tier 1 sidewalk. If your .db is a little more vintage, there may well be a remnant of a now-illegal build method. Since you can admin, have you tried shift-deleting (toward the sky only) from underneath the sky triangle?


Nice thinking, but no. The DB and Map were freshly created on the 10th May 2018, and we’ve never had any mods used.

sometimes maps can be corrupted and broken, saw this on other games to.

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Hi, thanks for posting this problem. We are sitting on official server 1009 and having the same problem at the same point. I posted it here Building Problem.
First we thought, there are old invisble structures. Than we “found” an elevator in the air, apparently someone built before us. But after decay, you still cannot build anything. In the center of the heat ppoint you can set up a structure, but you never see it, vanished, also from inventory.
So, helpfully reports from other servers at the same location would be nice.


A lot of things explain the global warming :stuck_out_tongue:


Our players report that at random times, thralls will just appear at this same hotspot location;

so i did some test, like said, must be map-related.

I don’t have a hotspot, nor any lines in the sky. I would set-up a new map, then put your last back-up on it.

and i have also a base nearby, and took my time, to check all area around.

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The same Place, no building possible.