BUG - Heatstroke Hot Spot


You’re not on my server are you?

Tonight our players found 10+ dead thralls at the spot after a reboot. Not their thralls, ones which had came through “The Crack In Time”


That is a better screenshot of the location. I have seen random floating thralls there on other servers, and they were not remnants from a past base. I would shoot them with a bow for target practice.


we are on official server 1009


There is a sort of “vortex” somewhere near the spot pictured. There is a high cliff nearby, and also a rock pillar / perch. The vortex is north of both of these, and east of the aquaduct and The Breach.

This post caught my eye because @PitMonk mentioned that thralls will just appear here. I recall during Early Access that if the game client crashed, that players would end up getting dropped out of this vortex to the ground. To die (sometimes). Other times, getting stuck in the air here. Also - elevators, when trying to place in this area, would seem to end up getting “stuck” to this point. As @PitMonk describes - I also remember the odd NPC thralls ending up getting stuck in this spot. You could shoot them while they hovered in the air. Then they would die, their corpses would fall, and then you could loot them for iron or steel or whatever.

I think that there is definitely enough anomalies around this spot that should warrant some investigation from the world builders.


Incidentally - players may not be able to build near to this spot. My observations were that when trying to place stuff here, the building piece would sort of “auto-snap” to the vortex spot way up in the sky. If you look up, away from where you are trying to place the fence, you’ll see that your fence is trying to bind to this spot in the air. And it is not a valid build spot (despite snapping there).

Definitely a world “seam,” or some other game world “stitch” of significance here. Funcom: we need your world builders to “iron this seam out.” :slight_smile:


Interesting, makes sense, how to get Funcoms attention? We would like to finish our tower.


So that’s where the Bermuda Triangle got to.


i still think is related to your worldmap.

I have a base there, realy near the rock triangle shown on the pics. Tested it in SP and on my server, and don’t have this issue.
If different servers touches, may the map come from a specific time when server installed. Or if SP, game started ? Just an idea.
Was these servers wiped at release, did they exist previously, same for singlegame.

Still very strange when some experiment a bug, others not. Where the difference ?


You’re probably right mate, however, it’s not just my map, it’s very odd that other maps have the issue in exactly the same place. I suspect you’re correct that its a corruption in the map and the cause needs to be rooted out. Clearly this spot in the map has a weak point.


I saw this occurring before and after launch on freshly wiped servers. One with mods, another without. It seems to be a Multiplayer thing rather than Single Player, as with the majority of bugs.

It is a bug, but honestly it just makes me laugh. I categorize it as a tear in space and time, with unholy forces opening a gateway to another realm. :smiling_imp:


Yet I’m in your boat, AND I’ve seen what Cauthey describes. He has astutely pointed out world seams to me in the recent past. This is close enough to the well-noted and observed “world exit” he describes that it could indeed be a confluence. A nexus.

As such it might require a set of actions, buildings or other triggers to help force this seam apart.


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