BUG - (HiPriority For TL3.0 Testing) - Cannot Initiate Specific Purge

From the original thread:

I wanna test the new thrall system against a difficult purge in SP Admin. The Wiki says:


But that doesn’t seem to be working.

I set this up to test thralls in a purge:

Now I just need to figure our how to initiate the specific purge I want.

Ignore the evil spiders… they were added to kill everyone fast in case of a lame easy purge. When I figure out how to start a specific kind I’ll remove all those quickly before it starts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You could just spawn yourself a convergent trap and some essence to trigger the purge. If it’s active in test live

I want (need) to initiate a specific purge. The console commands are bugged and broken it seems. And since these are sort of required for some tests… well, here’s hoping we get an update with those all fixed. :wink:


I was answered in DM which is smart all things considered… Here’s the important text from that message:

Looking at this and testing it internally, looks like the “skipPrepareTime” part is actually required.
Try StartPlayerPurge VanirArmy_Wave1 True and also make sure to reduce all the setup time in server settings to their minimum.

It seems I was just leaving out the “true” at the end there. At least I can’t find a switch called “skipPrepareTime” and the console rejects it as unrecognized. Anyway this worked!

Thank you so much YouKnowWhoAre!


Further update from the FC dev:

the “skipPrepareTime” boolean is visible in the tooltip for StartPlayerPurge:
Its a helpful place to start when trying to use a console command :slight_smile:

Pretty awesome! Much gratitude!

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Bookmarking this thread. Up till now I just admind in a full purge bar and waited.

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