BUG: hollowbone bow does not take any arrows,

cant put arrows in it, in Thrall NPC , it will load the flint arrow, but wont accept any other arrow type

official server 6157

not sure if this bug affect other legendary bows

Place the bow in your hotbar, place a stack of arrows in your hotbar, equip the bow to your character’s hands, then hit the number for the stack of arrows. For some reason that’s how to load Hollowbone Bows (I don’t know why). As far as I can tell, they’re no good for thralls because, even if you load it for them and give them a stack of the arrows, they just loose the first one then go back to flint (unless someone knows the way to make that work?)

Other legendary bows should be fine, it’s just Hollowbone that needs to load this way.

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