BUG - Horse health got a stealth nerf?

From the Patch notes:

Followers (Pets and Thralls) have received a balancing pass

I understand the need to reduce thrall health with the new Authority perks and it was a welcome change for pets. However, horses were not mentioned in the patch notes (as far as balancing) and don’t benefit from the Authority attribute, so why were their health pools halved?

Horses have also been added to the follower commands and are now commanded to attack enemies when the “attack” command is issued, despite having no attacks. I understand wanting them to obey the “move” command to avoid players getting stuck in doorways with no way to move their horse, but not the “attack” command.

I can only assume that this “balance” to horses is a bug or was un-intended due to miscommunication. Horses can barely run from mobs to avoid damage as it is, often ending up pinned between a rock and a hard place, face-tanking all incoming damage. They need all the health we can give them.

Suggest either:

A) Give horses back their original health pool potential and remove ability to send “attack” commands.

B) Allow the Authority attribute to also affect the horse that is currently on follow and remove ability to send “attack” commands.


I don’t see any issues with horses. You just have to be more careful about them. They are pets.

They got the “Attack” command as well, because this is how class in programming or more specific how “Actors” work in Unreal Engine. For a quick fix for horses they simply changed the base actor of the horse actor. Actors inherit all properties from their base actors and if they changed the base actor for example from “Follower” to “CommandableFollower” then the horse receives ALL properties from this actor, which includes the “Attack” command.

So they need to fix the bug that authoirty is not working on horses, which is point B) you proposed.

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