BUG | How to repair legendary Armor?

Since the newest updates we can get some Legendary Armors like Commanders Chestplate, Commanders Helmet, Vermin Hide Boots and many many more (16 new in total).
But how can we repair these Legendary Armors ? :crazy_face:

We got only the Legendary Weapon Repair Kit (T4 Purge Blacksmith feat) but as the name says, it only works with Weapons !
So i guess we are missing some Legendary Armor Patch Kit, or did i missed something?



For now, this is intentional because these armor sets are the strongest in the game. We would also like to expand on them and introduce new legendary sets down the line.

We’ll look at adding a legendary armor repair kit once we have a better feel of how this new armor fits into the grand scheme of things :slight_smile:


So, after those armors are broken you throw it away? So what the point to even play with it? its make the armor kind of useless. I never go on an expedition or a boss fight without a full repaired armor, so, you see my point here? And BTW I don’t see those Legendary in my Feats is that normal?


They’re random drops from Unnamed City bosses, none of them are craftable.

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