Bug in Conan Exiles or not bug maybe))

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Bug №1 After the character’s movement stops, the character continues to take several steps by inertia.

Bug №2 In the northern region. In the description of the “cold” effect it says “hunger increases”, but in fact, the character is more thirsty than eat

Bug1 can be “solved” by setting your fps to 60 or at least this is how I fix it.

Bug2, i don’t know, I haven’t played EL since Siptah release.

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@bug1 - Moonwalk again - Character starts sliding after I stop walking or running

For me “autowalk” get much better (it´s not gone - but I don´t want to reduce my FPS) after changing my graphic settings in the main menu : instead “full screen” I use the “windows” mode.

@bug2 - ?? sorry

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