Bug In Discovery Point

Game mode: Single-Player
Type of issue: Bug On Discovery
Server type: Singleplayer
Region: South America
Mods: No

Bug Description:

There is a point on the map, which cannot be discovered even though it is on all online map sites it has no way of discovering, I have all the points discovered in my game and this is only missing to unlock the achievement, The Jewel in the Tower
but without this discovery there is no way to get this achievement

the name of discovery is:
Coords: TeleportPlayer -12240.7509765625 71061.0703125 -13271.65234375

Expected Behavior:

he should unlock the discovery point for the player, this is making it impossible for people to achieve the achievement, the jewel in the tower

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

already tried teleporting to the coords, walking all over the field in a circle, even going under the ground with the ghost mode

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