Bug: Jungle Area Building/Stations De-spawn

Hello Devs, Fellow Community Members,

I wanted to bring an issue to light as it is partially game breaking and would love to hear feedback.
I have been with Conan Exiles for a few months now and am loving the game so everything I say is constructive criticism. My first medium sized base I built a while back was in the Jungle area, just north of the ruins across from the Passage. I noticed issues with my buildings and stations disappearing.

At first I thought it was because I was placing build items on resource spawns. Being new to the game, I figured that I just needed to learn how the building placements worked. I had a small base, and whenever I added a wheel of pain, or a couple new stations, they would disappear. Especially if I built them by themselves. Examples below:
a. I built some platforms with forges on them that would disappear after a day or two if not attended, or overnight.
b. I built a wheel of pain 2 or 3 times over the course of a couple days because it kept disappearing.
c. I built platforms with wheels of pain, forges, and storage boxes north of my base, but by themselves.
My initial conclusion was that the entire game map required you to build so many items at a time based off of examples a. & b. in order to continue base expansion. Typically, if I kept my base expansion to the point of adding 4-5 items at a time, it would not de-spawn.
However, after example c., and now moving my base to another region (the Highlands), I have now found that the issue does not seem to be prevalent elsewhere.

I forgot about the bug and I didn’t give it much thought until my fellow clan member tried to build a map room and Wheel of pain in the jungle this past week. He complained that the jungle is horrible place to build and that his buildings keep de-spawning, making it not worth efforts to build there.

I would love to hear if others are experiencing this issue or if the Devs have heard anything regarding this? I don’t know if this is a multi-platform issue, but I play on the Xbox one and that is where I am experiencing it.

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