Bug List (15.05.2018)

Game mode: Official
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: no
Language: German

Elevator Teleport Bug:

Elevator platform (whole cage) disappear sometimes, but it’s a display/visual bug, because when you get to the point where the platform usually is
it teleports you with the elevator to a different location.

You can’t get out of the elevator to teleport, but you hang in the air about 20-30 meter from ground.
When you leave elevator platform, you’re on the origin location.

This Bug happens only when Elevator is visibly gone.
When you call Elevator with the skull switch, the elevator reappear and is normal usable.

Building height is 4 Blocks.

Coordinates from Elevator:
From: -66832.398438 22663.837891 -3345.820801
To: -69056.8125 17810.373047 -3319.091309
After Teleport: 21.712172 76.07486 114.775856

Disappearing Items:

  • Altar of Derketo
    1st build disappear when placed, 2nd build works fine.
  • Fish Traps
    Placed 2 Fishtraps, they disappear after about 5h.
    Build 3 new ones on the same place, they stay for about 48h.
  • Greater Wheel of Pain
    Disappeared after 48h

Loop Problem with Hatchet, Pickaxe (and maybe more):
Equip these tools and use it on tree/rock multiple times, switch while swing animation to map (m).
Sometimes (depends on tool) it creates an animation loop and don’t stop until you click mouse button.

Echo in House:
Sometimes in the house it sounds like an echo (in a cave), can’t figure out what cause this problem.

Seeds disappear:
Happened to aloe seeds (and maybe other), some of them disapear in box.
Look like they have a invisible durability or decay timer.

Brimstone one hit:
Brimstone at the salt lake crumble at first hit.
It’s possible to hit 2 more times to get more brimstone, but it disappear a little to fast.

Journey Icons (German Language):
When steps complete, some of the icons still missing.
Journey Chapter 3 - 9 Throw an Orb (Eine Kugel werfen)
Journey Chapter 4 - 10 Earn a perk (Einen Vorteil erhalten)

PS: Forum is bugged too :slight_smile:
I copy text from notepad.exe and some of my text is different font size.

The worst bug is… People from South american cant play… Cuz the servers are bugging the loading screen… Strange that ALL the American servers are up and running…

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This isn’t strange at all. Clearly the server hosts in South America are having problems, and the host companies further North are not. The servers are not all in one room, nor does Funcom own them. They’ll be up before long.