Bug: Loot Drop Table (Summoned Surge - Focus Altar of the Center)

System: PC
Map: Isle of Siptah
Region: North America
Mode: Single Player (solo) PvE

I’ve been trying out the Summoned Surges in single player to get an idea of what to expect. So I spawn in stuff to see how it plays out. Most of the time, summoned surges at the leyshrine will give a few pets. Five pet drops is a good average (sometimes less, but mostly around five).

The Summoned Surge using the Focus Altar of the Center which spawns Jhebbal Sag folks gave me 81 Locust spawns. That’s right = eighty-one. That’s not a typo. 81 is way too many. This needs to be looked into.

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I also feel that they are too many and I have reported it before. Unless there is some new locust meta that the devs are trying to introduce, I don’t quite get the drop rate on that surge either. Can you squish the for their poison or sth?

Hey @Bodin

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team.

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