BUG - Nudity Settings

The player’s nudity setting does not seem to apply to the Sacrificial Stone. If the server is set to max nudity, then the thralls placed on the Sacrificial Stone are shown as nude even if the player has his/her personal settings set to no nudity.

Below shows server setting at full nudity and player’s at none:


Below, I took off my pants and it shows me wearing a covering, I angled the camera so you can see the naked NPC displayed on the Sacrificial Stone as well.

Edit: TestLive revision (#398570/34354)
Played on private server (DedicatedServerLauncher1600) with the Isle of Siptah map.
No mods, but as you can see in picture, some of my armor pieces have illusionary spells on them.

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Português PT-BR

Confira as configurações sobre esse detalhe antes de entrar no servidor, reparei que alguns servidores de testlive estão com o modo de nudez desativado, antes mesmo de entrar no servidor. Se a funcom não habilitou no servidor de testlive não irá funcionar a nudez…
Confira no print da imagem abaixo:

@Funcom_Community Espero ter ajudado XD :+1:

I’m sorry, did you even bother to read (a translation of) my post or look at the pictures. This was on MY private server and I posted a picture of the settings. I realize you might not be able to read the English settings in the picture, but I assure you, that settings were the first thing I checked. :wink:

Ah sim… servidor privado ok, vou testar isso também pois é um erro da mesma forma e não deveria acontecer mesmo em servidor privado se acontece é quase certo que também vai acontecer também em servidor oficial. Vou testar isso

Well, that could cause some uncomfortable situations. Potentially even some problems for streamers that have to obey certain rules concerning things like nudity.


As for your post. Um, I’m pretty sure those look the same (kidding)

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At least we have a confirmation that server nudity settings applied to thralls on a sacrificial table. I wish this setting to be applied to NPC in the camps too.

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