BUG: Ogham Etched Cross item incorrect stats

I’ve confirmed that both superiour and epic items gives incorrect stats rendering the item useless.

Epic item: 3 * 15 = 45 stat points when ALL the rest epic items have 90 stat points. Correct value should 3 * 30 = 90 … then this item could prolly be worn by Jeronimo and be a little usefull as removing need to alter his agent gear.
etched cross epic

Eh, it’s a trap item anyway. Just use single stat stuff, it’s always better.

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I have to admit: I never even have seen that item. O_O Is it some kind of special boosterexclusive item?

yes i believe it came out of one of the later booster packs.

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I got it from Agent Boosters: Druids of Avalon