Bug on crafting table item list scroll with controller

Server type: Single player

Using a controller to activate a crafting table with a t4 thrall its only possible to scroll the item list until one line after the “gold square” T4 thrall exclusive items, the normal items list is not reacheable. It works with a mouse.
Tested on armorer workbench, improved blacksmith and improved armorer.

Hey @Agnusthemagi

Thanks for the heads-up, sending note to our team so they can look into it.

The problem applies T3 and T4 thralls.

Bug is not shown until the second and next visits to the workstation. If we remove the thrall and put it back on the workstation, the controller will reach all the recipes. But when you visit again, the controller will have a problem again.

I tried to take a screenshot of the workstation UI with Ansel, but another bug appears.

The UI disappears. After turning Ansel off, the mouse stands still and you can’t rotate the camera around the character (with mouse).

Exiting the menu for a moment repairs the mouse.

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