[BUG] Onslaught mini bosses lingering icons

This bug was on testlive and now its still present on live (even after the hotfix).

Sometimes, when you kill a mini boss (represented by a white skull on your minimap), this skull is not removed and lingers on your minimap till you leave the instance.

When more then 1 skull bugs on your minimap, it becomes very annoying (esp. in higher waves).

This is how a “cleared” zone looks like on your minimap:


IME this is particularly likely to occur if anyone feared that mini boss.

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Hmm… will have to investigate this theory. Sadly ToS have no fears (yet) so will need to get someone who can try it :slight_smile:

Kill streak settings don’t save either

Sometimes you cannot open the chest at the camps after you’ve killed all the mobs/minions there.

Yes, this happens when the boss is not spawned properly.

This + the icons are bugs that was there before and are still present.

I assume a /reloadui has been tried and doesn’t help?

Hello, please report individual issues with individual topics. Please don’t use a single bug report thread to report other unrelated bugs. It makes things easier to track if each report is its own post. Thanks!

Oh, and the OP’s report is a known issue; if the special enemy gets feared, the icon lingers.

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Thanks, @AndyB !

Any way to see known issues so we are not reporting the same again?

You could try searching for an item to make sure it hasn’t been reported already. Please note that not every reported issue turns into a known issue as we still have to verify the matter first. Please be as descriptive as possible when reporting a bug and, if possible, please include step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue reliably.

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