Bug , or VERY angry feature to include

As the titles says … except it related to DLC content … If I can craft it and use it alright … but its alright if the other people cant craft it … can wear it when ever other friend gift them the gear but cant repair it … is ok …

BUT as it stands … I cannot Gift my friend gears to wear for their outfit if i own the dlc and crafted it myself … What the point of Owning DLC if i cant let them use it … I will call this balantantly P2W to be anti-social jerks


Will not be able to use repair kits?

i havent seen repair kit , but what the point … you cant use dlc item until you own the dlc item

Well thats the biggest fail of this update, thats the point of all ANGRY rants…
i always provide my items (skins) to my mates, they cant craft them, they cant 100% repair them, so lets say, they just borrow them for some time
and this was fair, THEY did not owe them, just using, because they DID not buy them< ok i get it
but NOW we got very predatory restrictions - people cant use looted (from fair battles btw) trophy’s because they didnt spend money on them…
my friend cant touch every gift i granted to him…
this is a disaster lol


Ok I gave a player some armor yesterday. When I get on next will find some one with out Dlc and test. I will keep in touch. @Dragoonduneman

I haven’t been able to test it myself yet, but just for clarification are you saying that:

  • A: Your friend cannot equip DLC items as they are if you give it to them? For example if you craft a Nemedian Scout armor set and give it to your friend who does not have the People of the Dragon pack, then they cannot equip the item?
  • B: Your friend can wear the items as they are, but they cannot use it as skins as part of the new Illusion system for other armor. So for example if they have a Godbreaker chest piece, they cannot make that look like the Nemedian Scout chestpiece you gave them?
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It is the same with building pieces, which I find really annoying. Theres so much potential trading wasted…

Gurninaki armor unlocked in battle pass , i made a set for her to wear since she likes the lore behind it. so yes in relation to your question same deal , yes i am aware that you cannot illusion it but to wear it should NOT be restricted.


Oh so it’s one of the new items from the battle pass, yea okay.
And no, I was just trying to figure out what to make of this cuz I didn’t think they would go back and edit old dlc armor to be not wearable in which case it would’ve been a bug. That’s why I was wondering whether it’s only for illusions since that’s a new system.
But that explains it, it’s probably deliberate in this case as the battle passes are designed for individual progress, they’re not the same as a DLC so probably all of the permanent rewards are non-transferrable on purpose.

I’m not saying I necessarily agree with it, I’m just trying to explain the logic I see behind :smiley:

.> the fact that i paid the same ammount for all DLC in the past for the battle pass … like sure FREE battlepass … they might get away with that … but the fact is i had to pay AND grinded my way to that 54 of levels.

Personal progression or not … I see no reason to speciality restricted it … as its only a limited time window to get it … as oppose to other DLC that is 24/7 available to get besides the bazzaar

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Protect yourself from Looters in PvP.
Equip only expired Battle Pass gear.
Or items that have been illusioned to look like them…
They may slay you, but they can’t use the spoils, so it’s a hollow victory.


Believe it or not, its apparently reality.

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still dont like it , its like say oohhh shiney can i wear it for a day … and then say no … socializing must be barrred i am greatest because i have X item you cant enjoy things … oh you werent on during the battlepass to get this item … well too bad . I already feel bad for people unable to get witcher stuff


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