BUG | Outdated Ghost

The Ghost north of The Shattered Basin still dying at the Barrier.
But there is no Barrier anymore. :wink:
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But there used to be a barrier and he did die to it, clearly thinking he could walk under it. The ruins of the barrier “fence posts” are still present. There is also a journal or note that mentions the barrier vanishing one day allowing people to move north.

Not a bug. :wink:


Trust me it is a bug or atleast an old leftover.
The old barrier was there BEFORE we got the northern biome and the jungle biome.
You can still see the “old and now broken fence posts” above.
But thats a long time ago. That means that the ghost is from past days and where he dies back then was the barrier. But it isnt anymore, so hes dying without any reason now. :slight_smile:

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While I certainly understand what you are saying here, I disagree. The presence of the ghost dying to the barrier is a memory that is etched on the Exiled Lands. It is indelible, and does not become modified after the humans took the fight to the Giant-Kings, and started pushing against the established boundaries.

From my perspective, this is a part of the “story telling” of the Exiled Lands. When you come across the ghost, and you see him fall and die in that cave, the player is like… “Whaaat?” Upon further investigation, the player will see that there is a cursed wall boundary post way up on top of the cliff. Further examination will show that the boundary post is damaged, broken, and hence no cursed wall. Something, at some point in time during the lands history, the boundary post was rendered non-functional. But the ghost still remembers.

I am with Glurin. Not a bug.


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