[BUG][PC] In Steam the last achievement "Zone Master" didn't unlock


All achievements include hidden, in sum 35, were unlocked. But the counter in “Zone Master” still shows 34/35. In Steam it shows 35/36 unlocked.

Hope this issue will be fixed soon.
Thank you in advance.


I’m having same issue on Xbox. Completed all achievements for 1000/1000 gamer score however last “Zone Master” achievement not popping.

Hey there! I’ve noted it down and forwarded it to the devs! Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the trouble.

I have the same issue ! Numerous people on Xbox One have the same problem according to TrueAchievements.

Same issue here on Xbox. Posted about it a few weeks back but never received a response.

I’ve tried a lot of workarounds to get it to unlock without any success.

Same here on XBox: https:–imgur.com/5b10gTK

Got everything unlocked except the “Zone master”

Same issue here… hope it’ll be fixed quickly.

It’s been reported to the porting house who brought MYZ to consoles and is being investigated :slight_smile:

If the issue is also on PC, though, is it something the porting house will be able to resolve? It isn’t limited to just Xbox and PS4, the reports include Steam too.

If the Stalker Trials update comes with achievements, maybe a solution could be made involving them increasing the progress or causing a re-check at a certain point?

Any update on this issue?

It will be fixed in a future patch, but there isn’t a firm ETA for when this next patch will roll out.

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It’s been another two months so I figured I’d find my way back here and ask for an update on the situation. Any news? Will this be resolved with the upcoming paid DLC launch?

I was really hoping that this would be fixed with the release of Seed of Evil, but I just received the update for my vanilla game on Xbox and boot it up hoping to hear the achievement unlock. No such luck.

I’m undecided on whether I’ll be buying Seed of Evil at this point, the lack of communication on this issue has been a real punch in the gut to me. Can anyone let me know if they got it to trigger by unlocking Seed of Evil achievements?

Or can we get any information from the developer, CM? I see numerous mentions that this would be fixed in a future patch. I’d love to be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like this patch did it.

Unfortunately, I have a bad news for You.
Zone Master achievement still seems to be bugged. I have unlocked all of the DLC achievements and still this one is locked for me.
I would ask Devs to fix it or even remove it altogether.

Very sorry for a double, but I would like to ask devs, why this bug has been fixed only for XBOX users?
At least according to Changelogs.

Any update?

This won’t be fixed as there’s no development or patches.