Bug PC Thralls passive

I‘m playing on a pvp Server and have the problem that my fighter and archer Thralls don’t react to other players at all.
They attack NPCs but not players, they don’t react when they are attacked by a player, don’t react when other players attack me or I attack other players near them.
This is the biggest Problem but another one would be that they tend to deequip their weapons after a fight and frequently just attack with their fists.

Those two problems make fighter Thralls completely useless on PvP Servers at the moment and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Thralls always put their weapons away after combat. You can fill their inventories to force them to keep the weapon in hand, but this will bug them out and they won’t fight at all.

It is pretty silly when thralls put away their legendary weapons during combat and opt to fight with their fists instead, though…