[BUG] [PC] Various bugs on Magnus' mind control power

After extensively playing the game, there seems to be 2 bugs concerning this power that i was able to somehow replicate. Bugs tht i’ve found are as follows

  1. Upon controlling a tank using Magnus, the tank was supposed to have 2 turns of being in a mind controlled state (unless there was no other enemy in sight in, after which the mind control would automatically breaks, this is fine but i thought of mentioning it cuz it relates to the 2nd bug), but after only one turn, and saving the game; reloading the save file would somehow break the remaining 1 turn of mind control left regardless of how many enemies there are left or whether you have used the tank or not.

  2. If you killed the last enemy and end your turn with a mind controlled tank with 1 turn of being controlled, the mind control breaks when it goes to the enemy turn, HOWEVER, the tank would not do anything and instead skips its turn and go back to player’s turn. When this happens, one of your own teammate will somehow act on their own without your input as if the enemy was mind controlling your team mate, but since your team mate cant dmg thier own ally, they would either move away or in my recent case, throw grenades at your teammates.

Other minor issues includes the mind control VFX staying even after the mind control was broken.