[BUG] Reapor Potion

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: USA (PST)

The Daggers found in the Unknown City called, Shank. applies Cripple when you successfully make contact.
However When you apply Reapor Potion to the Daggers, the Poison removes the cripple effect. The Daggers then are Bugged and can no longer apply cripple the target.
Also, If you apply Reapor Potion to a spear, after the 10stacks are gone, your Spear will have concussion damage. which in turns knocks out NPCs.

Wheel of Pain BUG
If you equip a LoveTap(with blunt mod), you are able to knock out Thralls, NPCs, Emenies, and your own thralls.
Once it is knocked out, you can drag that thrall into the Wheel of pain, and re-break it.
All items on that thrall are repaired to 100%, Meaning, if you damage your gear like a Legendary Item, you can place it on your thrall, knock it out, re-break it, and have that item 100% repaired.
I have found if that Item is admin spawned(maybe), it will remove/destroy that item on the thrall. As some items have done this.

Though i dont really care if this one gets fixed, because there is no way to repair Legendary Armors(weapons a few patches ago). doing this glitch repairs that item. letting you have End game gear BE end game gear.

Lastly, You have 100s of Legendary Weapons, and they are all just skins they do the same damage, no effects, can you please make all them do something more fun, more interesting so you can have a more unique play style? please. (Unknown City weapons are fun alittle OP but fun.)

Thanks for reading. and those that are not Devs, well enjoy the repair bug, and repair those Legendary Armors you really couldnt use cause they break on you.

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Hey there @Alaion

We’re aware of the issue with the daggers but not the other issues. Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send it to our team so they can look into it :slight_smile:

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