BUG | Relic Hunter Slavetaker I, II, III have all the same HP

I guess it is a bug and not intended that all Relic Hunter Slavetakers which as well are fighters, have all the same amount of Hitpoints, doesnt matter which tier they are (I, II, III).

For Example:

  • Relic Hunter Fighter I = 3000HP
  • Relic Hunter Fighter II = 4500HP
  • Relic Hunter Fighter III = 5250HP

  • ID: Relic_Hunter_Slavetaker_Fighter_1 = 5250HP :thinking:
  • ID: Relic_Hunter_Slavetaker_Fighter_2 = 5250HP :thinking:
  • ID: Relic_Hunter_Slavetaker_Fighter_3 = 5250HP



I think here the I - III is more like a name, and they’re nearly all the same.

But isn’t obvious, and not like usually thralls are named. But all are in fact fighters III in theyr relic-hunter class. Would be nicer give them a name.

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Hey there @SirBowen

Thanks for the heads-up, will send it to our team so they can look into it and see if it is intended.


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