Bug report 1:Some hostile people in Sepermeru+more[PC]

  • Found two areas with hostiles in relic city. In Westwall prison and around an area with dancers around brazier. Luba the lucious was there.

  • Pillows are gone from game.

  • Signs cannot be placed with error message about blocking spawn.(Building here would block your spawnpoint)

  • Shadecloth cannot be interacted with after placement. cannot be removed by admin either

  • Nordheimer horn that gets damaged has to be removed by admin

  • Journal stops working. for me around when I should wear light armor.

  • Beds are very hard to place,pretty much everything supposedly blocks spawning. hopeless to use beds as decoration anymore :frowning:
    (Not enough room around bed blocking spawnpoints)

Suggestion: The globes around temples shine WAY to bright both night and day. almost cant see base trough them at a distance.

Praise: Barricades is 10x easier to place now. Thank you. + peg leg is the most awesome thing ever.+bearer pack more stuff like that. :slight_smile:

This is a paid server but no mods at all.

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I believe that this is fixed in SP PC but it doesn’t help you much.